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Worlds 2020 Shanghai Hoodie Special Edition




With embroidered artwork illustrated by TBSkyen on the back, the Shanghai Special Edition Hoodie celebrates the success of Legacy Esports throughout 2020.

TBSkyen is a creator with a diverse creative skillset, and while we love him for his League of Legends stuff, his work spans an extensive range of topics. TBSkyen holds a special place in our hearts for the amazing series of "OPL Recap" comics he did for the Oceanic Pro League in 2016, which forever enshrined "dropping the branch" as a term associated with a Legacy Esports win. You can find him on Twitter @TBSkyen, and on YouTube, and we thoroughly recommend following his work for both his own creative output and his analysis of the art we know and love from other studios and publishers.

This item is a pre-order and is expected to ship after Worlds 2020.

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Final delivered product may differ in some aspects due to shortened printing delivery timeframes.